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Feng Shui By The Sea Celebrations

An event worth celebrating is an event worth consecrating. We’ll summon the beauty and blessing of Spirit to enhance and protect your special occasion.

Feng Shui By The Sea for Your Wedding
Using feng shui on your special day allows you to tap into the power of your auspicious directions, numbers and elements to create a celebration blessed by Heaven. We can arrange a compilation of personal recommendations, including auspicious dates in the Chinese Almanac to suit you and your partner’s astrology, and you may consult with us anytime on venue, flowers, lucky emblems, table placements and positive energy locations on the day.

Space Blessings
When moving from one home or office location to another, ensure you have Heaven’s support for future success by relocating on the correct day. We arrange a beautiful ceremony as simple as using candles and sea salt, or as intensive as to include personal predictions for success in the space for each individual, to ensure you commence a successful new beginning in the space.

Rite-of-passage Ceremonies

A Blessingway
Based on an ancient Navajo ceremony to bless a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. Elegant and thoughtful rituals by all attendees are implemented to create a ceremony the Mum-to-be will remember her whole life long.

A Beautyway
Based on an ancient Navajo ceremony to bless a girl’s rite of passage into womanhood, usually at a 16th birthday or as a heart-centred alternative to a Kitchen Tea. The ceremony bonds all attendees and guarantees lasting memories and forged friendships.


New Beginnings
Recommendations and a powerfully symbolic ceremony to attract a fresh new relationship, commence a new way of life; or to bless a new empty nest

Selling your Home
Recommendations and a powerfully symbolic ceremony to pass your home into new hands quickly and easily, and ensure the changeover welcomes your perfect new residence in smooth good time.

For a quote on your special occasion’s enhancement, please click here.

September 2007 project just completed:  Feng Shui Wedding at the Hilton Tobago Golf & Spa Resort for Captain & Mrs William Donald Pollock

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