Feng shui by the sea - by Samantha Honey
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Feng Shui By The Sea Private Sessions

With inner feng shui, we keep our balance - and keep creating a bright future - when life threatens to rock our boat

Is it time foráthe tide to turn in your favour?
Would you like to create incredible change in a major area of your life?

Feng Shui for the Soul is a personal consultation that operates at the mind-body connectionálevel.ááIt works immediately toáincrease the amount of positive energy you experience in your life. Using creative visualisation, feng shui and crystal healing, Feng Shui for the Soul creates balance in a deeply effective way.
The Feng Shui for the Soul process includes a personal journal and a set of 9 crystals, representing the 9 major life arenas: Career, Knowledge & Education, Health, Abundance & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Love, Creativity and Fun, Friends & Travel, and Family.
As a trained Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Crystal healer, I can gently awaken within you all sorts of creative solutions for whichever life area you may be feeling out of balance in.

During our private session you will personally uncover your hidden potential and the required energy & action for the outcome you seek... which you may not even know you possess!

Samantha, tell us more about what happens with Feng Shui for The Soul?

Here are theápre-suppositions this process is formed upon:

  1. Every area of our life which is a hassle, is so, due to our negative projections about that area.
  2. The healing power of crystals can be utilised to assist us in forming and keeping newápositive projections.
  3. New thoughts and projections, whether temporary or lasting, create a new outward experience in our lives.

Once you're aware of the type of energy you're summoning to your major life arenas, we work to lift up that energy so wherever you go, you are attracting a better outward experience due to your new thoughts and projections around this area of your life.
With practise, the parts of your life which used to be a hassle will show remarkable improvement.áInstead of "getting what you've alwayságot", or a desired situation eluding you, you'll experience the things you want beginning to come to you.ááá

And as you get better and become more and more centred and positive, you will experience the delicious power of being able to create any experience you desire.

When you find the way
Others will find you
Passing by on the road
They will be drawn to your door
The way that cannot be heard
will be reflected in your voice
The way that cannot be seen
Will be reflected in your eyes

Lao Tzu, from Tao Te Ching

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